Server Rules 7 Days to Die (PvE)

1. This is a PvE server so NO PvP allowed outside of Admin run Events, Friendly Fire is Enabled so be careful. You could be jailed or Banned.

2. Keep the chat and Language respectable , No defamatory , derogative or racist comments or names !

3. Tree limit set to 25 max per Land Claim Block this cuts down on FPS lag.

4. No Looting other player Bases , this includes their crops , workstations or anything else on their property other then a airdrop .

5. No Looting other player bags.

6. No griefing players , this covers both actions verbal and physical in game .

7. No Building in reset areas and towns doing so will result in the loss of all of your hard work.

8. All Vehicles must stay locked or free game to others

9. Landmines and Explosive ordinance need to be kept on your own property.

10. Please do not log off with more than 50 open Frames they cause FPS lag.

11. Glitching, cheating and using exploits are not permitted. This would included floating bases

12. Building in a17s new POIs are at own risk

13. Dropping Buildings or Drop Mining(Digging down deep, carving out a shape and then mining away all the bottom level to make to top ground fall) will result in a Ban.

14. Please do not Build/block roads..the Biker gangs need them:)

15. Floating bases using the half blocks must have corners filled with solid blocks

16. Players are allowed 1 Land Claim Block, Donors are allowed 2..any more than this we will remove:) Building close to Traders is allowed..But please do NOT block Traders and remember to close the doors These Rules are subject to change at any time.

Server Rules PvP


Niflheim’s 8 Simple Rules

1. No derogatory slang, no racism, no verbal harassment.

2. Dropping Buildings or Drop Mining will result in a Ban.

3. No duping, glitching or cheating.

4. No raiding land claimed bases, this includes using screamers or bloodmoon.

5. Building in POIs are at own risk, reset zones and the large one’s are off limits.

6. Don’t destroy lootable containers in towns and cities. Cars are ok.

7. No more than 25 trees at a time, and no floating bases. Only 100 open frames at a time and don’t log out with more than 50 frames.

8. No killing inside Traders, and no building within 200 blocks of a Trader.

      Regular PVP Rules

1.When raiding and pillaging your enemies, only break what you need to get in. If theirs traps that will hurt you you are allowed to disable them or the source that powers them. Don’t grief players, don’t drop items you don’t need, don’t break forges, workbenches, chem stations or campfires This includes placing a land claim block just to pick up the mentioned items above, but if you plan on living in the location then placing a land claim is fine! Be aware, the previous player may have home set in this location.

2.After killing a player don’t empty their bag on the ground if you don’t want it let them have it.
3.Do not camp the players bag, its un-sportsman like. But If you are raiding the base and the player dies in the area then it’s not considered camping the bag. If you are standing outside the players base waiting at the bag because you cant raid while they’re inside, move on and come back later when you’re ready to continue raiding.
4.Keep the chat and language in the server respectful. No derogatory slang, no racism, no verbal harassment. If you can’t follow this rule then play elsewhere.
5.No duping, glitching or cheating . We will ban you.
6.Don’t destroy lootable containers in towns and cities. Cars are lootable but we allow the cars to get wrenched down for supplies 🙂
7.No clipping to see though the map, you will be banned.
8.Dropping Buildings or Drop Mining (Digging down deep, carving out a shape and then mining away all the bottom level to make top ground fall) will result in a Ban.
9.You may ONLY give out the co-ords of your own bases, Its an offence to give the location in chat of a place your raiding. You will be warned or removed by the server admin.
10.No killing or building a base within 100 blocks of the trader, it is unsportlike. We do allow building a vendor location at the trader but any items affected in the area won’t be replaced. (Don’t block the trader doors!)
11.No floating bases, they will be removed and continuous building of floating bases will result in a ban.
12.Building in a17s new POIs are at own risk.
13.No more than 100 open frames at a time, go back and fill them in please. Also don’t log out with more than 50 open frames, this causes server lag.
14. Placing a vending machine for safe storage at home is not allowed, it is unfair for players that are raiding.