Server Rules 7 Days to Die (PvE)

1. These are PvE servers HOWEVER, PVP is enabled. PvP is not permitted outside of Admin run Events, so be careful. You could be jailed or banned. If you are Jailed the player you murdered can release you. If you are a habitually bad shot, you will be banned.

2. Keep the chat and Language respectful. If you don’t understand this rule then you should play someplace else.

3. Tree limit set to 25 max this cuts down on FPS lag for you and anyone coming near you. Overlap of branches and leaves causes screen lag.

4. You Are only allowed one Land claim block unless under donor status. Donors receive only one additional claim regardless of other factors.

5. No Looting other player bases, this includes their crops, workstations or anything else on their property other then a airdrop. If it isn’t under a land claim then it’s fair game.

6. No Looting other player bags. Just leave it where it is.

7. No Griefing players, this covers both actions verbal and physical in game .

8. No Building in reset areas and towns doing so will result in the loss of all of your hard work. if you aren’t sure type /where and it will tell you.

9. Mini Bikes are ride at your own risk, we will not replace bikes or items due to glitching keeping your engine around 200 may help avoid issues. If its lost you can try #lostbike

10. NO Building in WATER on WATER or with WATER. Water physics are very broken and we will delete the area, we will not replace lost player items.

11. When farming if making a big farm keep the plots 9X9 and separate with blocks. Cobblestone looks like nice paths. Farms cause weird server lag this helps limit the problem.

12. Solar Power and Spotlights are banned. There is a glitch where the battery banks stop charging resulting in an on/off loop. Spotlights cause similar issues. Sorry folks I miss Solar too.

13. Please Don’t dig across biomes it causes physics problems long term.

14. Don’t build within 200 blocks of a trader. Sometimes it makes him pull up stakes and leave.. (broken trader)

15. Dropping Buildings or Drop Mining will result in a Ban.

16. Landmines and Explosive ordinance need to be kept on your own property.

17. Frames must be filled when placed. If left behind they will be deleted.

Server Rules PvP

1. When raiding and pillaging your enemies don’t break forges, workbenches, chem stations or campfires. You want the sheep to stay… let them make more things to take 🙂

2. After killing a player don’t empty their bag on the ground if you don’t want it let them have it.

3. Do not camp the players bag, its un-sportsman like 🙂

4. Keep the chat and language in the server respectful. Yes you died, and yes you are probably mad but it is PvP, you are going to die. If you can’t follow this rule then play elsewhere.

5. Solar power is glitched, we banned it in the PVE servers… We’re gonna see how it goes on a PvP one for now, this is subject to change.

6. It’s a game have some fun but if your idea of fun is duping, glitching and cheating we are going to ban you.

7. Don’t destroy lootable containers in towns and cities.

8. No Drop Mining or Dropping buildings, it causes server corruption and huge lag issues.

9. Do not announce in public the location of another players base.

10. Building in, on or with water is also forbidden, Water is broken and becomes something akin to the Blob when messed with.