Bears Will Eat Ya!


Server Rules
1. Respect all players/staff on this server this means no racist remarks or abusive behavior of any kind.
Anyone found hacking glitching, briefing etc will be banned. NO drama.

2.Do not build around nodes and ask an admin,if available, to come see where you build.
Please place all benches inside your base or within fences on foundations.

3.Do not build near caves, big cities, thrall camps or legendary chests/bosses within 20 blocks.
If there is a no build zone then 20 blocks start from that point on. Do not build within the lower
green circle around asagarth. Build on the cliffs around it. No building in shattered springs.

4. No T1 buildings (sandstone) north of newbie river. T2 is not so hard to do. When you move to a new site, place a sign there saying you’re moving.

5. Buildings south of startriver or on it can be max 8x8x8. From the north shore on you can build 20x20x20.

6.Every player/clan can only have ONE base with a size of 20x20x20. A clan can have one base per member (20x20x20) up to max. 4 bases. So if your can have 2 members, it can have 2 bases. Larger base sizes are possible. For more info look in Server contributions page.

7. Due to the no-build radius of Shrine-type buildings, we will allow shrines that start no more than
5 foundations away from your base. Same rule applies for a wheel of pain.
Put them on foundations connected to your base or decay will eat them.

8. Do not block any lore. You can build on landmarks if you do not block the map discovery for it.

9. Stay 15 blocks away from other player bases or come to an agreement if you want to build closer.

10.If you want a community elevator, stairs or bridge let an admin know.

11. If you build a base and have a height difference you need to cross, pillars can be used and will not count
towards the height limit. Stairs leading to your base do not count towards height limit either, but keep it
within reason.

12. Wheels of pain go near big thrall camps. You can put up a temporary wheel near small camps for one day.
Mark playername, date and hour you started with a wooden signpost for all wheels. ONE wheeel per clan per park.

Wheel of pain park rules:

1 wheel per clan/per park, can put foundations under it, only 1 layer and as few as possible.
1 storage item per clan (not a workbench),
1 small camp fire per clan,
1 bedroll,
Anything else will be destroyed.
Wheels older than 2 weeks will be destroyed

12. No advertising on this server this will lead to a ban.