Join us in our Conan Afterlife server Merchants of Messantia. This server is running Age of Calamitous and Pippi. The mods need to go in that order to connect. If you need those files you can locate them here.

Age of Calmitous
Pippi Server manager

Merchant of Messantia has active admins that are building a community. There is a large admin built city with NPC’s and Player shops to interact with. Attend weekly Events like Thrall catching and Auctions. If you prefer simply go out into the World of Conan where adventure awaits you. To Join our server directly Simply click the Picture below to be connected to.


Our Conan Family also Includes Folkvangr a 40 player Server ready and waiting for you to put your own personal Conan stamp of approval on.

Click the Link Below to be connected directly to the server.