Conan Exiles Tools – Who Needs a Map?

In my search to find more tolls and ideas to help our Conan players with their journey through the Exiled lands I came across an amazing website. Its called, Conan Exiles Lexa’s Guide and I encourage you to take a look at it. Lexa has made a beautifully laid out website to help players of Conan do well in game. I would say it is your one stop shop for any info you may need in game. It Even has this handy map for difficulty levels of the purge based on map locations and what type of build you would need to withstand the attack.

Purge Map difficulty

There are interactive maps for anything you can think of. I know many people don’t like to have everything at their fingertips so they can explore and experience the journey on their own. If you ever get stuck though unable to find or do something, chances are this is the site you want to go to.

Hop on over and take a look, then come back and tell us what you think.

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7 Days to Die Alpha 17 – What is going on?

I’m certain like me you are all waiting the arrival of the newest updates from the Fun pimps and their game 7 Days to Die.  We have watched as the date was pushed further away on the developers blog to where is stands now, which is “A17-E will be done when it’s done.”. For those of you who haven’t seen the video Joel from the Fun pimps put out on Memorial Day here it is.


A note on it being done when it is done… I read (drudge) my way through the forums in order to keep people in our Afterlife Servers update with info. I don’t usually post excerpts or things of that nature just the gist, as it were. However Since we have this beautiful place to inform our players I thought It would be a good time to do a bit more with it. This is from Roland who keeps us up to date in the Dev Blog, its a partial quote of whats the delay is…

“In June Madmole said in a video that he was hopeful that they would be done with A17 by the end of July. He admitted that it was a guess but that it was his estimate on what he felt would be possible.

In early July the team made the choice to upgrade to Unity 2018.2 because at first glance it appeared that it would have some solid performance benefits and no major inconsistencies from the previous version. It was a risk but one they felt was worth it for the benefits. They were right about the benefits but they were wrong about inconsistencies. It turned out their shaders became incompatible and needed to be redone. This caused a delay much longer than they anticipated.

Towards the end of July, as people were submitting bug fixes and uploading new art assets from their local builds to the shared build the magnitude of new art assets overwhelmed the atlases that they use. This has caused another unforeseen delay as they have had to find an alternative solution to be able to include all the new art in the game. They have found a solution and are doing that conversion. The bad news is the delay it caused but the good news is that all the new content that will be included in A17 is awesome and will be able to be supported.”

If you would like to see the entire answer you can click here to read it. The above is to me the important part of it. I don’t enjoy waiting either but the end result I think is going to be in all of our players best interests. I’m hopeful it will fix all of the goofy problems and well… here are some pictures of it from a few weeks ago.


Alpha 17 7 Days to die using Unity 2018.2

And another looking into the structure.

7 Days to die new engine graphics for A17

… So that’s the story folks, Glad I could help even if it was only a little bit.

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7 Days to Die – Artwork from our servers.

The players on our server’s have been busy little bee’s building interesting things trying to see what they can do with the parts provided by the Fun Pimps. I can’t wait to see what people come up with this week, for now though, I give you a tour of Super Mario and a very very nice Viking Ship.

Built By Noxtra on Afterlife Midgard. Who doesn’t love some old school gaming.

Tuna a=on I think Afterlife Valhalla built this one. We have some great Builders on Afterlifeservers. I’m Jealous of this dragon though. Thank goodness no dragons on 7 days to die 🙂

KrzyMnky built this one I think, not sure which of our 7 Days servers he built this on. I think Valhalla since that is where all the other Super Mario buildings seem to be located. KrzyMnky runs our PVP Server Afterlife Lazarus.

Black John posted this one from the Viking Acolytes server here on afterlifeservers. TuanReborn built this for them over there. I think this came out very nice. Much better boat then I can make.

On the Valhalla Server, some of the players and Admins got to building Mario related creatures.

Free coins, on Valhalla. 7 Days to Die is sure branching out.

A Larger shot showing the builds all down an road. Some are very complicated just looking at them.

I’m not to sure how I feel about this. Extra Lives… Isn’t that how the Zombie Apocalypse started?

Super powered Zombies… No thank you. The players on Valhalla have enough problems without the 7 Days to die Developers getting more ideas.

More 7 Days to Die Super Mario Buildings…

Stitch… One of my Favorites, Always liked this move. Not sure how he would feel about Zombies though. You never know, I doubt he could eat them.

I think this is Yoshi… It’s been so long, another of the Valhalla builds.

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Afterlife Servers 7 Days to Die and Conan Hanging out and Having Some Fun!

The Afterlife community for 7 days to die and Conan has some fun! I asked the players through our discord channel if they would take some pictures in groups so I would have something fun to post this week. The results were… interesting.

Who doesn’t Love some Tacos?

First Picture I got was from Bulletz on Afterlife – Valhalla a 7 Days to Die Server. We have had a bit of a joke running for a while now involving Tacos and our love of them.

Then I got a pic from Shady over on Afterlife – Viking Acolytes another of our 7 days servers. The place they are standing was supposed to be a small shop originally but has turned into a full fledged Horde night base for the server.

Orieo1, Hades, CNR Jesus, Michael Scott (Galaxyann), TunaReborn, Twitch_OnFYREGaming, ChimmmyChonga, and Amarinth

Next up, Red Queen over on Afterlife – Midgard sent me this one… She put up a big sign for her picture so I wouldn’t have to write as much. That was nice of her! The background picture was one of the winners from their Fort building contest!

Meanie Monster, Zozazu, HaantjeB, Baelfiiire, Spamtheconqerr, Melivore, CrimsonSmurf, Firehead, N8VCutie, Peter Gibbons, Nicki The Sadist, Pandemonium, jimmytr87, KockyAttitude, Halo Tibia!??, shen, MySw33tShad0w, chummana, fakeredhead, goatcheese2000, Jambur, Individual Ghost, Vorlice, Thrashkev, WarHawk_DTIB and Raind0wn.

Then a second one from Vikings…

halomanzstar, shelovesthebeatles, lucastucker26, senjak, pennmania, ghostlytomb,TunaReborn, ChimmmyChonga, flamingspirit3, hottacosauce,black john, shady

Didn’t get a picture from Afterlife – Lazarus, it’s a PVP server and they wouldn’t group up without fatalities… and The Bilingual server Afterlife – Helheim. Maybe when A17 launches I can get them to group up. Might have to turn PVP off for an hour on Lazarus though

On the Conan side of things there were quite a few pictures sent in… but not of large groups… Well except for this one…

Conan Players enjoying the fruits of others labor.

I’m unsure of how this ended, right now it looks a bit one sided. Hopefully it was for a dance off.

I’m not entirely sure if those are player on those wheels of pain or not…

Looks like it is not… That’s alright though, I’m sure something could be arranged.

While you’re here, Come visit us in Discord or just take the plunge and hop into one of our servers on either Conan or 7 Days to Die just search for Afterlife to find us.

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Welcome To Afterlife Servers – A Community of Gamers

Welcome to Afterlife Servers, a community of gamers.  This being the first post here on the new community server let me just say WELCOME! and HI, what did you bring me? Oh, well that’s OK if you forgot to bring a website warming gift (cheapskate). Let’s get on with it.

Here at Afterlife we are committed to bring all of our players together into one big community. We have active Admins (some are Hyper-Active) and friendly in game players who are happy to meet new folks. On the 7 Days to die servers we run Botman on all five servers.  7 Days to die has a level 1 Server name Viking Acolytes, a level 4 server called Midgard a level 6 Server called Valhalla a PVP server Lazarus and our Spanish Server, Helheim. Currently on Conan we run Pippi and AOC on one server and only Pippi on the other. Doing a search for Afterlife will get you all of our servers listed.

A 7 Days to Die Firetruck… Just in case the Zombies play with matches

We plan on putting pictures from events up like this one from our recent firetruck contest.

Blood Moon Fort for beating back the hordes on Day 7

or this one from our Fort building contest.

Creepy doesn’t begin to cover how I feel about this place…

Or just really neat things people build… like this

Some weeks we will put in some tips, or tricks or perhaps review a game we are thinking of adding into the roster. The sky is the limit


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