Afterlife Servers 7 Days to Die and Conan Hanging out and Having Some Fun!

The Afterlife community for 7 days to die and Conan has some fun! I asked the players through our discord channel if they would take some pictures in groups so I would have something fun to post this week. The results were… interesting.

Who doesn’t Love some Tacos?

First Picture I got was from Bulletz on Afterlife – Valhalla a 7 Days to Die Server. We have had a bit of a joke running for a while now involving Tacos and our love of them.

Then I got a pic from Shady over on Afterlife – Viking Acolytes another of our 7 days servers. The place they are standing was supposed to be a small shop originally but has turned into a full fledged Horde night base for the server.

Orieo1, Hades, CNR Jesus, Michael Scott (Galaxyann), TunaReborn, Twitch_OnFYREGaming, ChimmmyChonga, and Amarinth

Next up, Red Queen over on Afterlife – Midgard sent me this one… She put up a big sign for her picture so I wouldn’t have to write as much. That was nice of her! The background picture was one of the winners from their Fort building contest!

Meanie Monster, Zozazu, HaantjeB, Baelfiiire, Spamtheconqerr, Melivore, CrimsonSmurf, Firehead, N8VCutie, Peter Gibbons, Nicki The Sadist, Pandemonium, jimmytr87, KockyAttitude, Halo Tibia!??, shen, MySw33tShad0w, chummana, fakeredhead, goatcheese2000, Jambur, Individual Ghost, Vorlice, Thrashkev, WarHawk_DTIB and Raind0wn.

Then a second one from Vikings…

halomanzstar, shelovesthebeatles, lucastucker26, senjak, pennmania, ghostlytomb,TunaReborn, ChimmmyChonga, flamingspirit3, hottacosauce,black john, shady

Didn’t get a picture from Afterlife – Lazarus, it’s a PVP server and they wouldn’t group up without fatalities… and The Bilingual server Afterlife – Helheim. Maybe when A17 launches I can get them to group up. Might have to turn PVP off for an hour on Lazarus though

On the Conan side of things there were quite a few pictures sent in… but not of large groups… Well except for this one…

Conan Players enjoying the fruits of others labor.
I’m unsure of how this ended, right now it looks a bit one sided. Hopefully it was for a dance off.

I’m not entirely sure if those are player on those wheels of pain or not…

Looks like it is not… That’s alright though, I’m sure something could be arranged.

While you’re here, Come visit us in Discord or just take the plunge and hop into one of our servers on either Conan or 7 Days to Die just search for Afterlife to find us.