Mission Statement



We strive to create memorable, lasting, fun game servers that engage and encourage gamers worldwide. We hope that our servers inspire the imaginations of our gamers old and new alike. We also seek to instill values and social skills for our youthful gamers. We also hold public servants in very high regard. We appreciate all you do. We have become a community and have built lasting friendships.

Afterlife servers are a group of friends that decided to create gaming servers as we felt the players deserved. We believe we can help people in many ways, from hardware to a friend to talk to

we always have admins online.


Our Guiding Principles

We give personal attention to all of our players. We believe gaming has the ability to unite people and change their life in positive ways. We see more than just another gamer at Afterlife servers. 





Our Tenets of operations


1. We believe the player comes first.


2. We believe all people are equal and are treated as such.


3. We believe through donations and server rentals we can pay our bills and help our community.


4. We believe we have the opportunity to make the gaming world an even better place.


5. We strive to create a safe community for children and public servants. We care about the future of our world for all generations to come. 




Our Goals For The Future


We hope to continue to generate enough contributions to pay operating costs and expand our rack units to continually grow our community. We also want to help our community as their problems arise.

Truth be told, our goal is to have one of the largest player bases for dedicated servers possible. With that comes the responsibility of maintaining our servers as well as our community. Our elite admins are more than capable of handling any issue thrown their way, which makes for a great gaming community. Afterlife Servers has multiple 7 Days to Die servers, Conan servers, Atlas servers, Ark and many more to come. We are looking to bring in others depending on what our players ask for. We have Admins on all of our servers and if someone isn’t online to help you can always hop into our active and friendly Discord to find one of us that would be more than willing to assist you.

That being said, welcome to our community site for AfterlifeServers, if you are looking for a rental server you can click the link in the upper right for Online Multiplayer Gaming. If your interested in contributing to the server financially that is up top under Server Contributions.

How to find us….

Simply do a search through your games server listing for Afterlife to find us. We currently have games in 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles, Atlas, Ark…

Afterlife Directors

-Bim- CEO –

-Individual Ghost – CCO –

-Raass – COO –

-Ke’allia – CFO –

-Red Queen –  CAO –