About Us

What is there really to say about us? Well, we are a group of mostly like minded individuals looking to make some friends. We range in ages from 17 up to… well lets just say over 50 shall we (grin). There are quite a few of us… so lets just break it down into the bigger clumps for now, this page I can already see is going to be a nightmare to keep up on.

Afterlife Directors

Bim- The Boss, the big Kahuna, the man the myth the….
Sinjin – The poor guy who tries to keep the servers up… sometimes for as long as a day
Ke’allia – The keeper of the key to the kingdom
Individual Ghost – Community Liaison and all around fanstical builder.
Shellbee – The person who tells us to knock it off, the peacemaker… she’s also armed

Tower Admins


Server Lead Admin

Khaleesi – Conan – AOC

Breezy – 7 Days Viking Acolytes

Red Queen – 7 Days Midguard

Bulletz – 7 Days Valhalla

KrazyMunkey – 7 Days Lazarus (PVP)

Cyeon – 7 Days Helheim (SPANISH / ENGLISH)

KiritoGekko – 7 Days Kaldr (PVP)


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