Afterlife Servers is built upon the bones of forgotten enemies, the souls of vanquished dragons and through the mighty vision of a few brave companions.

What does that mean to you, perhaps nothing, or perhaps… everything.  The reality is it was started to have undiscovered friends meet, for the outcasts to find comrades and for all those who wander to find a place to rest their Avatars for however long it suits them.

Truth be told, our goal is to have one of the largest player bases for dedicated servers possible. With that comes the responsibility of maintaining our servers as well as our community. Our elite admins are more than capable of handling any issue thrown their way, which makes for a great gaming community. Afterlife Servers has multiple 7 Days to Die servers, Conan servers, Empyrion servers and many more to come. We are looking to bring in others depending on what our players ask for. We have Admins on all of our servers and if someone isn’t online to help you can always hop into our active and friendly Discord to find one of us that would be more than willing to assist you.

That being said, welcome to our community site for AfterlifeServers, if you are looking for a rental server you can click the link in the upper right for Online Multiplayer Gaming. If your interested in contributing to the server financially that is up top under Server Contributions.


How to find us….

Simply do a search through your games server listing for Afterlife to find us. We currently have games in 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles, Rust, Day Z, Minecraft and Dark and Light…


Afterlife Directors

-Bim- The Boss, the big Kahuna, the man the myth the….

-Individual Ghost – The Voice of mystic power

-Ke’allia – The keeper of the key to the kingdom

-Raass – The Silent watchmen

-Red Queen – The Mother of all Admins, The Guiding Light in the Darkness…


Tower Admins


-Ad3d0 (Ragnar)



Afterlife Servers Dev.



Server Lead Admin

-Klatu – Conan – AOC

-Orieo1 – 7 Days Viking Acolytes

-Red Queen – 7 Days Midguard

-Stormi – 7 Days Valhalla

-Lord Mac – 7 Days Lazarus (PVP)

-KiritoGekko – 7 Days Kaldr (PVP)


Server Admin

-[FRAC]Garylg03                          -Mangapuma

-AgentJ                                       -Ad3d0 (Ragnar)

-Aricles                                       -ImagineWagons123

-Ayrtonsantos09                          -SoulHex129

-Dejaneer                                    -Mythlorian


-JRage                                        -Random1

-KLOWNBOXER                            -Luijin

-Lord_GaaR                                 -Feragus