Undead Hordes… No Problem

We here at Afterlife have several 7 Days to Die Servers with different difficulty levels and both PvE servers and PvP servers. This is where our gaming community started and it holds a warm place in our undead hearts.

For those just starting into the world of 7 days we have Viking Acolytes, where the zombies are set at the lowest levels and walk both day and night… Except for the occasional feral Zombie, we like to keep things interesting. There is a /safe to go to at night if you need to. A /fort for you to battle in a group if you choose. You can also go to the player run market with vending machines everywhere.

All maps now 16384 x 16384 for quadruple the fun!


IP:   Port:   26900

For those wanting a bit more of a challenge, we have Midgard. Zombies walk during the day and run at night. There is also a safe area and fort as well as a Player vending area, Arena and JUMPS!

IP:   Port:   27080

Valhalla is one step up from Midgard with the zombies set at their highest difficulty level. It is still walk at night and run during the day but with more Feral and Radiated Zombies for your slaying (or dying) pleasure.  Come join in the fun!


IP:   Port:   27000

If it’s PvP your looking for we have two you can choose from. We have Afterlife Lazarus, which has hard zombies on a large randomly generated map.

IP:   Port:   26930

For the other PvP server, we have Niflheim running medium zombies in a large randomly generated world.

IP:   Port:   27060

Coming soon: Modded servers! Links to download required mods below

Farming mod (Afterlife exclusive version)