7 Days to Die – Artwork from our servers.

The players on our server’s have been busy little bee’s building interesting things trying to see what they can do with the parts provided by the Fun Pimps. I can’t wait to see what people come up with this week, for now though, I give you a tour of Super Mario and a very very nice Viking Ship.

Built By Noxtra on Afterlife Midgard. Who doesn’t love some old school gaming.

Tuna a=on I think Afterlife Valhalla built this one. We have some great Builders on Afterlifeservers. I’m Jealous of this dragon though. Thank goodness no dragons on 7 days to die 🙂
KrzyMnky built this one I think, not sure which of our 7 Days servers he built this on. I think Valhalla since that is where all the other Super Mario buildings seem to be located. KrzyMnky runs our PVP Server Afterlife Lazarus.
Black John posted this one from the Viking Acolytes server here on afterlifeservers. TuanReborn built this for them over there. I think this came out very nice. Much better boat then I can make.
On the Valhalla Server, some of the players and Admins got to building Mario related creatures.
Free coins, on Valhalla. 7 Days to Die is sure branching out.
A Larger shot showing the builds all down an road. Some are very complicated just looking at them.
I’m not to sure how I feel about this. Extra Lives… Isn’t that how the Zombie Apocalypse started?
Super powered Zombies… No thank you. The players on Valhalla have enough problems without the 7 Days to die Developers getting more ideas.
More 7 Days to Die Super Mario Buildings…
Stitch… One of my Favorites, Always liked this move. Not sure how he would feel about Zombies though. You never know, I doubt he could eat them.
I think this is Yoshi… It’s been so long, another of the Valhalla builds.